Our Products

Everything in our point of sale is handmade and fresh. We have pastries, bread, cakes, pies and our specialties such as Cazuela Mohina, tea biscuits or panettone. Constantly innovating our products for greater satisfaction of our customers.

 Individual Cakes

We are characterized by our fusion between traditional sweets and modern pastry, always having an eye on France and another in our traditional recipes. With new creations every season we want to be your prefer pastry and you can always come back.

Pastries and Bread

Every morning we start early to bake our first class bread and pastries. Without using chemicals. With sourdough, from the oven to our boutique.

We have varied pastries, also salted, butter croissants, baguettes, assorted bars and special breads, seeds, soy, spelled, rye... Come and discover them.


At our point of sale you can find a variety of cakes made during the day for your special moments. Variety of mousse, meringue, cream, fruit and more. If you do not see what you want, we can also create it for you.


We also offer our specialties such as Cazuela Mohina, the traditional dessert of Almuñécar; delicate tea pastries, Mantecadas, Panettone or our famous caramelised millefeuille with vanilla tahiti cream, which you can find every weekend.

Celebrations and Events

Do not forget that we are willing to accompany you in any event. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, christenings or desserts for a special day. Just contact us and we will gladly advise you on what best suits your celebration.

Calle Baja del Mar 23, Almuñécar
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